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Be Informed

Protect Yourself and Your Family During an Emergency

The diverse Arizona climate can pose many challenges. Residents of Gila County can be affected by anything from forest fires to flash floods to snowstorms. Add in the threat of extreme heat and communicable disease, and there is plenty to be prepared for. The best way to protect yourself, your family, your pets, and others you care about is to be informed. The following pages offer proven steps to take before, during, and after emergency events to keep your family safe.

Air Quality

In emergency situations, air particulates and ozone pollution levels can rise and pose challenges to those with respiratory issues or allergies. [Read More]

Alerts & Warnings

Advance warning is your best planning tool for an imminent threat. The following alert systems will help you stay informed of weather hazards. Families are encouraged to use multiple alert systems to ensure they are aware at all times. [Read More]


In dry, arid climates such as Arizona, drought is a serious issue. In fact, the state has declared an official drought every year for the past 15 years. By using the following tips and guidelines, you can help combat its effects. [Read More]


While earthquakes may be rare in Arizona, they are not unheard of. In fact, the Arizona Department of Emergency Management reports that every part of the state has felt quakes from time to time. [Read More]

Extreme Heat

Coping with hot weather conditions is a concern of every Arizonan. In Gila County, summer months average in the 90°s, and some days can exceed 100°! [Read More]

Flash Floods

Heavy rainfall, monsoons, soil erosion, and environmental nuances can cause flash flooding. Indeed, the quick water release from melting snow along the Tonto Basin River causes blockages to passage every year. [Read More]

Forest Fires / Wildfires

Gila County’s forestry, altitude, and climate put it at high risk for wildfires. In the summer, this risk grows exponentially with the parched soil, higher winds, and dry foliage. [Read More]


Arizona monsoons can come on quickly, with weather morphing into anything from high winds, heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms — or even a “haboob,” a sudden and unpredictable dust storm. [Read More]

Power Outages

It doesn’t take an emergency for a power outage to occur, but those lasting a long time can be disastrous. [Read More]

Public Health Emergencies

Inclement weather, natural disasters, water supply contamination, terrorist threats, and other issues can come into play at any time — causing a public health emergency in Gila County. [Read More]

Thunderstorms & Lightning

During Arizona monsoon season, thunderstorms can be especially treacherous. From June 15 through September 30, every year, violent storms can lead to mud/rockslides, flash floods, and forest fires. [Read More]


Arizona state, county, and local agencies work on an ongoing basis with national authorities to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks and events. Help from the general public is crucial. [Read More]

Winter Advisories & Snowstorms

Winter storms can bring freezing rain, ice, snow, high winds, and other dangerous conditions. [Read More]